Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back on the hunt

With the store giving me only a 24 hour work week this week, it's time to once again go on the application rampage. To reasonably pay off my student loan debt (PRO TIP: Don't go to grad school unless you can get a fabulous deal from the uni and you can feasibly make a living off it), I need to earn double what I earn now. And I by double I mean what I earn in a 40-hour week.

Part of the problem is we have a new store manager. The usual pattern with new managers is they like to cut down the hours at the bare minimum when they get a new store. This is part a) it gives them an idea of what they can realistically work with and b) it makes them look like a payroll hero. Good for the store and company, bad for us suckers.

The good thing about me is I'm flexible. Working in a small grocery store makes you wear many hats, and I can be put in a variety of roles without too much complaint. But when everyone is getting a smaller slice of the pie there's only so much scheduling can do.

So, let's hit the listings!

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